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Update: 20-Mar-2009: Moving to Mendota Heights, MN
Update: 11-Apr-2007: Moving to Santa Monica for a new job!

About Me

Name: Tamara Temple

Summary: A geeky girl!


I'm a (early) fifty-something woman with a passion for working with people to help them get what they want and find new strategies for getting what they want. I am a personal coach, organizational change guru and technology adoption master. I have worked mostly inside large companies, helping them go through changes to adapt to the new internet economy, including adopting new practices and technologies to work faster with high quality, reducing time to market and infrastructure costs.

Through the use of assessment, facilitation, coaching and communicating, I blend a special mix of interactions with clients to help them determine what is wanted and needed in their lives and their work.

I am also a web designer and developer, familiar with the latest technologies in information architecture and content delivery. I'm expert in the use of both static and dynamic web pages, using technology such as PHP with database support to create web-based applications for businesses. Lately, I have been experimenting with Ruby on Rails and am liking it a lot.

Personally, I am an animal lover, spending some of my time volunteering at the local animal shelter, helping reunite people with their lost pets. This brings me a lot of satisfaction to see the animals as I tour through the kennels with the anxious people looking for their special friend. While I don't currently have a pet myself, I am lucky enough to have friends with animals so I get to be their "aunt".

I am a parent of 2 gorgeous girls who are in their twenties, learning what life is all about and doing it with grace and style.

I'm also a photographer focusing mostly on botanicals and landscapes. I have recently acquired a high-end digital camera that I am learning how to use. Being in total control of the image from the beginning composition and arrangement to final printing and framing is a highly satisfying hobby. I am working on building a web site that will display some of my favorite images so I can share them with the world. You can view some of my pictures at my Flickr pool and my mobileme photo gallery.

I have been taking watercolour classes for the past couple of years, and am truly enjoying it. You can see some of my work at my deviant art watercolour gallery and works in progress.


If you don't see it on this site, I'm probably not that interested in it

Birthday: October 12th

Contact Info

  • Email: tamara [snail] tamaratemple [period] com -> mailto:tamara [snail] tamaratemple [period] com
  • Gtalk: tamouse [snail] gmail [period] com -> mailto:tamouse [snail] gmail [period] com
  • Yahoo! IM: tamaratemple
  • AIM: tamouse99
  • MSN/WLM: ta_mouse [snail] hotmail [period] com -> mailto:ta_mouse [snail] hotmail [period] com
  • Skype: tamouse

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You can usually find me hanging around the following chatnets and chat rooms:


Usual nick: tamouse__

  • #callahans
  • #vulgarunicorn
  • #mary'splace


Usual nick: tamouse__

  • #dreamwidth
  • #dreamwidth-bitch
  • #callahans


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